Save My Future?

My little cutie posing today for a stock photography photo-shoot.
I was going for innocence or cute but I’ll settle for one of these. . .


I’ve quit weddings and baby photography. . .

Most people that know me as a professional photographer know me as a wedding and baby photographer. But sadly this will no longer be the case as the last wedding I will ever shoot will be November 30th 2019.

There are many reasons that have aided my decision, but most of all, I need a change. I need to get back in the studio and focus my talents.

As you may have noticed I now have a completely new website showing what services I now provide.

Will I ever return to weddings? No. At least for the foreseeable future.

Will I ever photograph a baby again? Probably… but not until I have my own large rented studio space.

So now I’m delving into business photography, shooting products, portraits, buildings and more.
I’m really excited about this move and looking forward to sharing my future shoots!!!

I’d like to thank all those lovely couples that invited me along to photograph their day. I hope you all have great futures together xx